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B-MC25 Surge Protector for the Low Voltage Disrtibution System

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1 Subject Range

1.1 B-MC25 Surge Protector for the Low Voltage Distribution System can protect the surge which inflented by thunder and caused by other transient overvoltage.It releases the high surge current from power line onto the Esrth and limits the overoltage so that to prortect the safety of lines,equipmengt and person.

1.2 This product conforms to the standard:

GB18802.1-2002 Surge Protector for the Low Voltage Distribution System part 1:performance requiremengts and testing.

IEC61643-were98 The technical reqirements and testing methods of Surge Protector for the Low Voltage Distributiong System.


2 Use、Installation、Storage and Transportation Requirements

2.1 The normal range of use -40°C to +80°C;

2.2 Storage environment should be well ventilated,far away from beat ,no corrosive gas or object;

2.3 The altitude of installtion should be not more than 2000m;

2.4 Under room temperature,the humidity of installation site should be no more than 90%;

2.5 The AC frequency of the power supply is 50/60Hz;

2.6 Protection mode are L-N,L-PE,N-PE;

2.7 Vibration and collsion are not allowde during tansferantion .And the onslaught of snow immsrsed should be prevented;

2.8 Installation

2.8.1 Installation method matches the standard 35mm Guide way;

2.8.2 Lead fuse choice please see table 1 or consult professional personnel;

2.8.3 Bus from the SPD to the groud wiring row of wire length requirements ≤0.5m,wire section area reference table 1,from the SPD wiring place to the distance of equirements ≤15m.

Protection level Lead fuse rated current Power supply side wire section Grounding side wire section
一级 80~100A ≥16 ≥25

3 Model and Meaning


4 Technical Parameters

Product model Maximum continuous working voltage Voltage protection level Lighting shock current Product protection grade
B-MC25 255 ≤2.0 25 IP20


5 Shape Dimension and Reference Wiring Diagram


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